Oh Christmas tree!

Before having a child in the house I had one of those "perfect trees". You know the kind with the perfectly matched ornaments and draped just so. I had so much extra time on my hands (and a heavy dose of OCD) I even made my own large ornaments! Oh to have that kind of time again.....sigh

Now our tree looks different, I think better but the word different is a better descriptor as a nod to my former self. Now the tree has a mismash of ornaments, a lot of them homemade still. These are so much better than my old ones, these have things like 'Kindergarten 2009' and Merry Crissmass' on them. This year we even have a boat from a recent Cub Scout Raingutter Regata making an appearance. Our tree has become a visual journal of our lives together and apart.
There are also ornaments from the annual ornament party to bring back great memories and ornaments from special friends.
This year a friend made me an initial ornament that I am in love with! Not only is it personalized to me, but it's also made with German glitter. Germany holds such a place in my heart that I cannot find the words to describe it. One word is home while others have either not occurred to me or haven't been invented yet!
Another new ornament this year is from a new friend who knew that not only do we have a dog with an underbite, but also a new decorating angle featuring Bulldogs. Ornaments are a great gift for friends and families. It is a way to weave ourselves together into each other's holiday stories.

Consider an ornament as a hostess gift this year, show someone you were thinking of and about them when picking out that special gift. And just in case they aren't a Christmas nerd like me, hang it on a good bottle of wine!

You may have noticed that the tree is elevated. When the tree was bought we lived in a house with 8ft ceilings. When we moved into this house the ceilings were quite a bit higher and the tree looked tiny. Rather than buying another tree I put it on top of an old round table and covered it with an oversized tree skirt. Not only does it give the tree much needed height, it also frees up floor space for when Santa comes! 


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