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Continuations, not resolutions

As a new year begins we all seem to be making resolutions, or making anti-resolutions for some! I am not making resolutions as much as I am making continuations.

When I say continuations I think everyone gets it. We, as humans, are (hopefully) always in a state of change. It is at big life changes that we seem to make proclamations of change and of intentions, resolutions as they are known. I am faced with a new year and a year that is the last in my 40's! As of mid-November 2018 I will be fifty years old. More on that as it comes closer, I'll bet.

Continuations - the most obvious is that I plan on making this blog look better. I have always intended on sitting down and working on the aesthetics, but then the words get in the way. Well, and life also gets in the way and I choose something else to work on during that time.
Another continuation is to take care of myself. That seems easy enough, but we all know that is easier said than done. True self-care means saying no when yo…