A peacock and a lady screaming?

If you have never been around peacocks at night the title of this post must be confusing, or intriguing perhaps?
My favorite uncle and aunt lived on a large farm that covered an even larger hill (read mountainish) in Kentucky. I used to love to go,stay with them and explore the farm. I also loved tagging along with my older cousins. I had one I particular who fascinated me with her teenagerness. She had the most gorgeous long dark brown hair and was/is beautiful. I'm sure she hated having her little city-cousin following her all over the farm, but she never let me know if she felt this way. Even her name was exotic to me as it was her parent's names put together. This was before the days of it being a fashionable southern thing to do to give your kids a double name.
My anut and uncle had all tgoes of animals on the farm. Everything from cows to chickens to...yiu guessed it, peacocks. I'm not 100% sure how they ended up with peacocks on a farm in northern Kentucky. Things like this just seemed to happen with them. These were the same people who had so many chickens that they started to roost in the trees close to the house. When you would drive up the gravel road almost at their house they had two chicken trees. Let's just say you tried to never walk under these trees!

So back to the peacocks. I was staying overnight with them and in the middle of the night I was awakened by a lady screaming! I was about 10 years or so old, but was still sure there was someone out there in need of help. I got out of bed and walked to the big sliding glass door and peered out. Again a scream! I was way too (dare I say) chicken to actually walk outside and did not want to wake up my aunt or uncle. I waited out the night scared to death with what the day might bring.
First thing in the morning I told my aunt what I had heard the night before. She howled with laughter and told me there was nothing to be worried about. Apparently when male peacocks are feeling 'amorous' they call out to the ladies around. I wish that she had shared this piece of I formation with me the afternoon before. To this day I can't see a peacock without also hearing an echo of a lady screaming.

My aunt and uncle's peacocks eventually became something's dinner or someone else's worries because they left the farm. They didn't leave without a trace though, my aunt collected all the beautiful feathers they left behind and gave them to my mom and me. I displayed them for awhile in different areas of the house until they lost their appeal and became a dust magnet. I would never get rid of them for their history, but have now repurposed some for Christmas decorations. I jazzed up some plain, boring green wreaths with glitters picks in peacock colors as well as some of the feathers.
My uncle is no longer with us, but he is a part of our Christmas celebrations every year without fail.


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