The perfect woman

I have achieved many things in my life, but a few days ago I acheived Perfect Woman status...I lost my voice! Now please don't go all feminist on me, this is just a little joke. I'd say the same thing about the Perfect Man if *any* of the guys in my life lost their voices.

So this weekend I am 'going to ground' as they say. My guys are out camping and I am home with the pooches, some hot toddys, ranch bean soup, and NyQuil. Oh and my Roku for some serious TV watching.
Marathons they're called. I find that phrase to be very funny. We as a society have taken something as completely crazy healthy as a marathon and turned it into a way to describe sitting on the couch (or snuggled in bed), watching hours and hours of TV.  'Merica!

"What's Ranch bean soup?" you ask in what has to be a Yankee accent. Why am I being a geographist? It's only because I think that Ranch Bean Soup has to be unique to the south. Maybe I'm wrong as it has no Velveeta in it, but it does have a can of Ro-tel!

So basically you brown a pound of meat (ground turkey, ground beef, ground get the idea) with chili powder, a little cumin, and some cayenne pepper. Basically whatever you use to season your chili with. Then here comes the southern part - dump 1 can of Ro-tel with the heat level of your choice, 2 cans minestrone soup, 2 cans of Ranch beans (or chili beans), and 1 large can of diced tomatoes. Then add about 3 tomato cans of water and let it simmer for awhile. It will make your house smell awesome and make everyone think you are The Deal.

So I am off to my TV marathon and soup while I snuggle with these two stinkers. Jealous?


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