We are Easter People

As Christians we are charged to be Easter People. There seems to be a romanticized view of these words during this Lenten season, a time that is to be one of the most holy times of the year. We use these words very easily, almost flippantly without looking to see what the words are, what they mean. Today the words 'We are Easter People' have been rattling around in my brain trying to make sense of something quite nonsensical.

Recently the church I attend has been in upheaval. Many have said that they are going to leave the church. To be honest, I myself have said that very thing many times. I was/am angry, frustrated, sad, basically name an emotion and I have felt it towards certain people and situations in the church. Then today it hit me, I am Easter People. I have a an obligation to look above what man has done, been doing within and to my church. I have an obligation to look towards forgiveness and move forward.

Boy, that was sure easy to say. Even easier to write! I can tell you that living it is much harder than I'd like it to be. I want to forgive, I want to move past this...I just can't right now. A friend who is also going through this same time said today that she needs to mourn. I so agree with this statement, I need to mourn. The followers of Christ also had to mourn, even with the hope and promise that He would rise again. There were also those who did not believe even when they were told he would rise, had risen (as a feminist I should point out that the women believed and were scoffed at!)  Yet still they wailed and they mourned.

So for now I am mourning, I am mourning what has happened and I am literally mourning a great loss to our church. I am obviously not mourning the way that those early Christians did, but still am mourning. However,  I am one of the Easter People I will also look towards forgiveness and will move forward. Forgiveness is something I will need to work on, but until then We are Easter People.
We are going through a horrible time, a time of mourning for what we were while trying to remember who we are. We are Easter People.
Ephesians 5:15-16 Tells us to be careful how we live, to make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. We are going through these times, we are learning how to be careful and make the most of opportunities because We are Easter People.

So for now I will continue to try and show what it means to be a Christian, as I am trying to show others I will also be trying to show myself.

We are Easter People.


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