Resolute resolution, or All You Need is Love!

With the new year often also comes resolutions. I have never really subscribed to making absolute resolutions as I am a constant work in progress. So much more than a more than a list of resolutions could handle! So rather than a list of the usual resolution suspects, I try to choose one area of life to work on. This year that area is love. Telling and showing it as often as I can so that there is never a doubt where someone stands with me.

Years ago I volunteered for a group called RAIN (Regional AIDsInterfaith Network). The care partner our group was assigned was an amazingly hilarious man in the end stages of the disease. He showed me pictures and told wonderful tales of living in Key West. In the pictures I saw a gorgeous 6ft and then some tanned man who had the world at his feet. The man holding the pictures was still attractive but was gaunt, pale, and a shadow of his former self. He lived in an apartment in a not so great part of town and one night after the movie was over I realized it was after midnight and I had to walk about a 1/2 a block to get to my car. He looked at me and laughed saying, "You do realize that you have a better chance of dying tonight than I do!" As morbid as that sounds he was right. This man literally had death staring at him with the progression of his disease and here he was pointing out my own sentence was just as dire. Life is precious and is not guaranteed.

I'd like to tell you that moment with him was life-changing. It wasn't. Instead I laughed and told him how horrible he was and play hit him on my way out the door. More importantly than what he had said earlier he yelled, "love ya"! Now that I think about it I guess he was life-changing since I still think of him. I think of him often and think about what he said to me that night. Sometimes I laugh and other times, like now, I am left thinking about his words.

So this non-resolution of telling and showing people how I feel about them begins. Well, continues but with a new fervor. Join me this new year and all the years to come. Let's spread the love and constantly remind each other how precious we all are to each other. Happy New Year!


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